CPBL All-Star Showcase Roster Announced

The CPBL All-Star Showcase is presented by Rawlings Sports and will be held the weekend of September 25-27.

Thank you to all the organizations and their coaches and staff for making the CPBL All-Star tryouts a great event. We’d also like to thank the participants who attended the tryouts. The talent within the province was on full display and made for a rigorous selection process. Finally, we’d like to thank the ten Major League scouts who were on-site during each day of the tryouts and made the All-Star teams’ selections. Without the time and effort of the scouts, this event would not be possible.

The invited participants, as well as the alternates, are listed below:


  • RHP Calvin Ziegler, GLC
  • LHP Mitch Bratt, Mets
  • RHP Nelson Mercado, OBJ
  • LHP Adam Shoemaker, GLC
  • LHP Will Droll, Mets
  • LHP Jordan Woods, Terriers
  • RHP Turner Spoljaric, Mets
  • RHP Tanner Dawe, GLC
  • RHP Matthew Brown, Terriers
  • RHP Owen Millar, Pirates
  • RHP Kurt Barr, Selects
  • RHP Zak Szabo, Mets
  • LHP Nick Woodcock, Pirates
  • RHP Owen Byberg, GLC
  • LHP Nicholas Veselinovic, Selects
  • RHP Carter Krawchuk, Pirates
  • LHP Rhys Montgomery, Terriers
  • LHP Andre Wojtarowicz, Terriers


  • Cameron Gurney, Pirates
  • Julio Vasquez, GLC
  • Colin Cymbalista, Terriers
  • Kaden Gray, GLC
  • Jacob Miller, Mets


  • Brando Leroux, Mets
  • Core Jackson, GLC
  • Elijha Hammill, Terriers
  • Nate Ochoa, Pirates
  • Aaron Manias, Mets
  • Dylan O’Rae, GLC
  • Brandon Daley, Pirates
  • Myles Naylor, OBJ
  • Emilien Pitre, Pirates
  • Brodie Mackay, Royals
  • Eric Rutherford, Titans
  • Sam White, Astros


  • Drew Lawrence, GLC
  • Cameron Chee-Aloy, Terriers
  • Caden Shapiro, Mets
  • Will McCauley, Nationals
  • Brysen Vernon, Selects
  • Ty Hamilton, Watson
  • Riley Silva, GLC
  • Luis Pimentel, Pirates
  • David Alvarez, GLC


  • Ben Roberts, GLC
  • Dylan Oborne, Terriers
  • Caleb Clark, GLC


  • RHP Liam Adamson, GLC
  • RHP Jack Pineau, Mets
  • C Josh McGuin, Mets
  • C Andrew Johnston, Terriers
  • INF Mackenzie Mitchell, OBJ
  • INF Cole Iantomasi, Mets
  • INF Nolan McCrossin, GLC
  • INF Sebastien Salazar, Nationals
  • INF Colby Ariss, Pirates
  • OF Davis Germann, Pirates
  • OF Malcom Shirley, OBJ
  • OF Tyler Bono, Watson


Presented by Rawlings