CPBL Showcase Dates & Times

Please see below for dates, times, and other information for all CPBL teams involved in the showcase. Please note that all players will be required to sign a CPBL Waiver prior to participating:

Monday, August 24th
Location: Field of Dreams – 3245 Hamilton Rd. Dorchester, ON
Stretch Times:
9:30AM – Great Lake Canadians (on field)
12:30PM – Windsor Selects (Stretch on soccer field 4)
12:30PM – Ontario Nationals (Stretch on soccer field 5)

Tuesday, August 25th
Location: Nelson Park – 593 Belvenia Rd. Burlington, ON
Stretch Times:
9AM – Fieldhouse Pirates (on field)
12PM – Terriers Baseball (Stretch on adjacent field)
12PM – Ontario Royals (Stretch on adjacent field)
3PM – Ontario Blue Jays (Stretch on adjacent field)

Wednesday, August 26th
Location: Dan Lang Field – 130 Old Kingston Rd. Scarborough, ON
Stretch Times:
9AM – Toronto Mets (On Field)
12PM – Ontario Titans (Stretch on adjacent soccer field)
2PM – Ontario Astros (Stretch on adjacent soccer field)

*Players are to wear full team issued uniform with a number on the back*

*All players must sign a CPBL Waiver prior to participating. Without a signed waiver, players will not be allowed to participate*

General Requirements

  • All players and staff must self assess prior to arriving at the field for any CPBL event. (https://covid19.ontario.ca/selfassessment/). Any player or coach that exhibits potential cold or flu like symptoms is required to stay home.
  • Any player, coach, spectator or scout diagnosed with COVID19 or who has been in contact with any person diagnosed with COVID19 within the past two weeks is not to attend any CPBL Event.
  • All players and staff are asked to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with their hands at all times when at the field and around others.
  • No-Touch, No-Handshake Policy.
  • No Spitting Policy – This includes all coaches, players, and staff present at ballparks and includes a Zero Tolerance by penalty of removal for anyone who spits saliva, tobacco, gum within 100 feet of the playing field or dugout.
  • All players, staff and scouts are asked to sneeze and/or cough into your arm.
  • No sharing of water bottles or food of any kind.
  • No sharing of personal equipment unless first disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and or spray will be provided for players use.
  • Players are encouraged to sanitize hands frequently and bring their own hand sanitizer to have on them at all times.
  • Athletes must be set up outside of the dugout with physical distancing requirements adhered to. A maximum of 3 players allowed in the dugout at one time as they transition from their equipment area to the field.
  • League staff & scouts are required to use the dugout only, not the designated player area.
  • No gathering around the park until your scheduled start time (please wait in your car). Players and staff must leave the park immediately after their try-out without lingering in the parking lot.
  • There is to be no overlap between each work group. Players are to stay in the stretching area until the previous team has left the field.


Spectators Requirements

  • Spectator Distance Policy – The area immediately and 20 feet to the side of home plate and all dugout or player areas will remain clear of all spectators, with no exceptions. Spectators are asked to keep a minimum 6 feet of distance between members of different households while watching games or practices.
  • Spectators are to refrain from gathering in the parking lot before, during or after any CPBL event.
  • Spectators are discouraged from touching the baseball when it is out of play. The ball should only be retrieved by a designated player or team personnel from the team on defence.
  • We ask that while gathering numbers are currently at 100, each player only have one spectator in attendance at each event.
  • Spectators are to stay in their car until their player is on the field for their try-out. Please do not leave your car while your player is stretching.


MLB Clubs involved in selection process:

Toronto Blue Jays
Oakland Athletics
Kansas City Royals
Philadelphia Phillies
Minnesota Twins
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Cincinnati Reds
Texas Rangers
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals