CPBL Bylaws


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1. PRE-GAME and GAME TIMES (depends on park availability, TBD by home team)

a. Two hours prior to game time – home team batting practice

b. One-and-a-half hours prior to game time – visiting team batting practice for 30 minutes

c. 45 minutes prior to game time – home team infield for 10 minutes

d. 35 minutes prior to game time – visiting team infield for 10 minutes

e. 25 minutes prior to game time – field preparation

f. 10 minutes prior to game time –  coaches/umpires meeting

g. Game times for all games are per published schedule but may be subject to change

2.  A slide rule is in effect at all league and tournament games. It is not optional. The defensive player must give part of the base/plate to the runner. A defensive player who blocks the plate/base without the ball should be called for obstruction. Any deliberate running of a defensive player will result in the ejection of the runner. For clarification, if a defensive player is in the position of fielding a batted or thrown ball, the runner must slide into or around the plate/base.

3. All players must use BBCOR -3 bats with a 2 5/8 inch barrel.

4. CPBL league games will follow MLB American League rules with the exceptions noted below.

a. E/H rule is optional – The extra hitter can enter anytime defensively as long as he stays in the batting order.

b.  A second extra hitter can be used in lieu of a designated hitter.

c. Teams can use the 1/DH rule when applicable.  This allows for your starting pitcher to stay in as a DH once removed from the game as a pitcher.

d. Running for the catcher with two outs is optional.  Must be a player not in the lineup. 

5. When a game is cancelled or rained out, the home team must look at the visiting team’s schedule and contact them with alternate dates. This must take place within a week of the cancelled game and be completed with communication to the league office and notifying the webmaster with the dates.

6. The mercy rule in effect for all divisions will be 10 runs after five innings, 15 runs after four innings, or 18 runs after three innings.

7.  The home team dictates the time limit for each game.  This must be communicated prior to the game umpire meeting.  Umpires will be the official keeper of time.  

8. Coaches are responsible for getting their teams’ statistics to webmaster following the weekend of league play by Wednesday of each week.  Game scores to be sent in on the day of the game and it is the responsibility of the winning team (final score must be agreed upon by both managers following the game).

9. Baseballs are the responsibility of the home team unless agreed upon prior to the game.

10. All league games are seven innings in length unless mutually agreed upon by both teams.  Teams have the option to play nine innings during scheduled mid-week games with approval from both clubs. Time limits and extra innings are to be agreed upon at the home plate meeting, and if there is time left in a timed game for extra innings, then extra innings will be played up until the time limit lapses.

11.  There are no re-entries at any level.


It is the responsibility of the home team to have two uniformed umpires at each game. The umpire fees are to be paid by the home team.  For playoff games, these fees are paid for by the CPBL.


1. A game shall become a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following unique reasons: a time limit on lights, a curfew imposed by law, a light failure or malfunction of a mechanical device, a regulation game that is called with the score tied, a game has not yet become a regulation game; any unique situation not noted. The lightning rule is in effect, 30/30 rule to accurately read as follows: “If you can count 30 seconds or less between the lightning flash and hearing the thunder, immediately take shelter and stay there until 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.”

2. A suspended game shall be resumed at the exact point of suspension of the original game. The completion of a suspended game is a continuation of the original game. The lineup and batting order of both teams shall be exactly the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules governing substitution. Any player may be replaced by a player who had not been in the game prior to the suspension. No player removed before the suspension may be returned to the lineup.


CPBL Playoff Championship Guidelines

-This will be a double-elimination style tournament for all age levels unless otherwise agreed upon by a league executive. Details and seedings to be finalized after the final league series is completed.

– Tournament hosts for each division to be agreed upon at CPBL fall meeting.


In the event that after the completion of league play there is a tie in the standings between teams, the following criteria will be used for seeding and to break the tie.

a. Compare the head-to-head record of teams. If more than two teams are tied, one team will be eliminated by criteria using the procedure below:

b. Compare the record of teams against the team in first place, then in second place, then in third place, until the tie is broken.


1. The official rosters of each team are due by the first day of April prior to the playing season, to the league office, accompanied with each player’s birth certificate. No player movement is to happen within the league after February 1 of each calendar year.  Players from outside leagues or organizations can be added after this date with no penalty, but players need to be approved by league executives. Failure to abide by these rules will result in fines and/or suspension.

2. Players are not to move laterally or down age divisions from the roster they are on after official roster submission on the first day of April. Players are able to move up divisions within their organization to play league games.

3. No players within the pee wee age group or younger are eligible to play in the Canadian Premier Baseball League.

4. The Canadian Premier Baseball League will use the May 1 cutoff date for players in designated age groups, with the following exception:

5. The CPBL will allow special circumstances to three players on each roster, who do not meet that cutoff date, but are born in that same year, between January 1 and April 30.


A. Code of Conduct – Player

The actions of players are a reflection of themselves, their team, the Canadian Premier Baseball League and their community.  Players must remember that their participation in baseball and functions of the CPBL is a privilege.

Players shall:

1. Treat everyone with respect.

a. Treat teammates, coaches, opponents, event organizers and spectators with respect.

b. Respect and accept with dignity the decisions of officials and the Canadian Premier Baseball League.

2. Exercise self control all times

a. Remember that there is no place in baseball for illegal substances, performance-enhancing drugs or supplements, or alcohol or tobacco products.

b. Refrain from unsportsmanlike gestures, talk, language, or profanity. Taunting or teasing players on the opposing team is not acceptable.

c. Refrain from throwing equipment in disgust (bat, helmet, glove, or any object).

d. Refrain from the use of physical force outside of the rules of the game.

e. Refrain from the initiation practice of “hazing”; this is an extremely serious infraction that may result in suspension from the league.

f. Follow the guidelines set forth by your coach for your team and program.

g. Notify your coach immediately of any pre-existing or existing medical conditions such as concussion, heart problems, asthma, etc.

B. Code of Conduct – Coaches

The player/coach relationship is a privileged one. Coaches play a critical role in the personal as well as the athletic development of their players. They must understand and respect the inherent power imbalance that exists in this relationship and must be extremely careful not to abuse it.

Coaches must also recognize that they are role models through which the values and goals of the Canadian Premier Baseball League are expressed. Thus, how a player plays baseball is often dependent and a reflection on the behaviour of the coach.

A coach must not exploit this privileged relationship with players for personal, ideological, material or other advantage.

Coaches are responsible for their own behaviour as well as that of their players. This code of conduct has been developed to aid coaches in achieving a level of behaviour that will allow them to assist their players in becoming well-rounded, self confident and productive citizens.

1. Coaches shall uphold the rules and regulations of the Canadian Premier Baseball League.

2. All coaches are required to get a criminal record check prior to the start of the season. The general manager of each team is responsible that all criminal checks for the coaching staff are confirmed.

3. Coaches shall actively uphold the rules of baseball, the spirit of the rules of baseball, and expect players to do the same.

4. Coaches shall fulfill all league, exhibition, invitational, playoff and championship competition and event obligations in accordance with the expectation of the Canadian Premier Baseball League that all commitments are to be honoured.

5. Coaches shall treat all players fairly and equitably, by refraining from discriminating against any player with respect to race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation.

6. Coaches shall treat opponents and officials with due respect both in victory and defeat and encourage players to act accordingly.

7. Coaches shall consider the player’s future health and well being as foremost when making decisions regarding an injured player’s ability to continue playing or training; communication with registered medical practitioners and the parents in the diagnosis is recommended.

8. Coaches shall not use foul, profane, harassing or offensive language or gestures in the conduct of coaching duties.

9. Coaches shall not use physical force in any kind in the conduct of coaching duties.

10. Coaches shall not under any circumstances, endorse, recommend or suggest the use of performance-enhancing drugs or supplements by any player.

11. Coaches shall abstain from the use of tobacco products and alcohol while in the presence of players and discourage their use by players.

12. Coaches shall ensure an environment for a player that is free of harassment. Harassment takes many forms but can generally be defined as behaviours, including comments and/or conduct, that are insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, malicious, degrading or otherwise offensive to an individual or group of individuals or which creates an uncomfortable environment.

Any complaints or allegations of a violation of this coaching code of conduct made to the Canadian Premier Baseball League will be investigated by a league executive, and if the complaint or allegation is substantiated to the satisfaction of the league executive sanctions, including suspensions or bans from coaching or from any participation in any CPBL related activities, may be imposed by the aforementioned league executive.

An original copy of this agreement is to be signed by the general manager of each team and forwarded to the league president to verify that this document has been brought to the attention of the coaching staff and read by the coaches.

__________________________                  _________________________             _________________

General Manager Name                       General Manager Signature           Date


All ejections received by the league will be reviewed by a league executive. Serious ejections may result in the immediate suspension of the coach or player and will have a detailed review by the league executive. The review may include additional reports from the coaches, players, and game officials. If warranted, additional discipline will be issued. In all cases, the previous history of ejections for the player or coach will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Ejections and unsportsmanlike conduct will be governed by the guidelines below.


1. Players who are ejected from a game will be suspended for the next league game. A second offence will result in a three-game suspension, and a third offence will be reviewed by the CPBL disciplinary committee.

2. Players are not allowed to argue calls with an official. Any argument by a player with an official will result in an ejection.

3. Players who are ejected from a game that involves deliberate and/or intentional contact with another player will be suspended for a minimum of the next two league games. The ejection will be reviewed by the league executive, and the player may be suspended additional games depending on the severity of the incident.

4.  Any player found using tobacco products during a CPBL event will be ejected immediately and will be subject to further suspension upon review by a league executive.


1. Coaches who make contact with an official, and/or kick dirt on an official will be ejected and suspended for:

a. Two games for the first occurrence.

b. Four games for the second occurrence.

c. Remainder of the season for the third occurrence, including post-season appearances.

2. Coaches who use personal vulgar language, which may include a threat of physical intimidation or harm, shoving, pushing, spitting or throwing at or attempting to make physical contact with an official will be ejected and suspended for the next:

a. 10 games for the first occurrence.

b. Remainder of the season for the second occurrence including any post-season appearances.

3. Coaches or players who violently abuse an official (punch, kick, head butt, etc.) will be suspended from the league for one season and will have to apply to a league executive and/or the disciplinary board for reinstatement.

4. Coaches who are ejected during a game are ejected for the remainder of that day. On a second offence, the offender will be suspended for two games. On a third offence, the case will be reviewed.

a. An appeal can be made on suspensions longer than four games.

b. In cases where an appeal is made, the player or coach is suspended until the review is complete.

c. Any appeal needs to be submitted within 48 hours and otherwise will not be considered.


Any bench-clearing incidents will result in a:

a. 10-game suspension for the first occurrence.

b. One-year suspension including any and all post-season appearances for a second occurrence.

Any bench-clearing incidents for a team will result in the following discipline:

1. First occurrence – $500 team fine.

2. Second occurrence – $1000 team fine.

3. Third occurrence – $2000 team fine.


1. Players/Coaches are not to be in uniform when ejected or under suspension and must stay away from the dugout and bullpen areas.

2. Any coach or player that is suspected of relaying instructions from the ejected coach will be given one warning, and if it continues, will be ejected from the game.

3. The game officials have the ability to forfeit the game if the eject coach or player continues to not abide by these rules.


1. A decision made by a league executive may be appealed and will be reviewed by the executive committee. 

2. The decision made by the review committee is final.



1. Travel insurance for out-of-country competition is the responsibility of the individual teams.

2. All teams must carry their own organizational medical/liability insurance policy and must add 2512686 Ontario Inc.(Canadian Premier Baseball League) as an additional insured on their policy.  Proof of this insurance must be supplied to CPBL prior to the start of the season.

3. The Canadian Premier Baseball League will carry its own liability policy. 

4. The CPBL does not accept any responsibility for the debts incurred by any individuals or teams within the league.



1. Canadian Premier Baseball League will use the May 1st birthday cut off date for players on a designated team.

2. The CPBL will allow “special” circumstances to three players per roster who do not meet the cutoff date.

3. Players who are currently attending college or university will be eligible to play in the CPBL only if their birthdays are later than May 1st of their 18th year.


A member team may be removed from the Canadian Premier Baseball League under the following guidelines in accordance to Section 2.02(b) of the league constitution:

  • Continuous violations of the constitution and/or league bylaws
  • Organization is no longer a competitive and/or member and ceases operations
  • Engaged in illegal activities that are detrimental to the CPBL, as determined by the executive committee
  • Forgoes their membership voluntarily