All-Star Rosters

CPBL All-Star Showcase presented by Rawlings

Thank you to all the organizations and their coaches and staff for making the CPBL All-Star tryouts a great event. We’d also like to thank the participants who attended the tryouts. The talent within the province was on full display and made for a rigorous selection process. Finally, we’d like to thank the ten Major League scouts who were on-site during each day of the tryouts and made the all-star teams’ selections. Without the time and effort of the scouts, this event would not be possible.

The CPBL Showcase invited participants, as well as the alternates, are listed below:


RHP Calvin Ziegler, GLC
LHP Mitch Bratt, Mets
RHP Nelson Mercado, OBJ
LHP Adam Shoemaker, GLC
LHP Will Droll, Mets
LHP Jordan Woods, Terriers
RHP Turner Spoljaric, Mets
RHP Tanner Dawe, GLC
RHP Matthew Brown, Terriers
RHP Owen Millar, Pirates
RHP Kurt Barr, Selects
RHP Zak Szabo, Mets
LHP Nick Woodcock, Pirates
RHP Owen Byberg, GLC
LHP Nicholas Veselinovic, Selects
RHP Carter Krawchuk, Pirates
LHP Rhys Montgomery, Terriers
LHP Andre Wojtarowicz, Terriers


Cameron Gurney, Pirates
Julio Vasquez, GLC
Colin Cymbalista, Terriers
Kaden Gray, GLC
Jacob Miller, Mets


Brando Leroux, Mets
Core Jackson, GLC
Elijha Hammill, Terriers
Nate Ochoa, Pirates
Aaron Manias, Mets
Dylan O’Rae, GLC
Brandon Daley, Pirates
Myles Naylor, OBJ
Emilien Pitre, Pirates
Brodie Mackay, Royals
Eric Rutherford, Titans
Sam White, Astros


Drew Lawrence, GLC
Cameron Chee-Aloy, Terriers
Caden Shapiro, Mets
Will McCauley, Nationals
Brysen Vernon, Selects
Ty Hamilton, Watson
Riley Silva, GLC
Luis Pimentel, Pirates
David Alvarez, GLC


Ben Roberts, GLC
Dylan Oborne, Terriers
Caleb Clark, GLC


RHP Liam Adamson, GLC
RHP Jack Pineau, Mets
C Josh McGuin, Mets
C Andrew Johnston, Terriers
INF Mackenzie Mitchell, OBJ
INF Cole Iantomasi, Mets
INF Nolan McCrossin, GLC
INF Sebastien Salazar, Nationals
INF Colby Ariss, Pirates
OF Davis Germann, Pirates
OF Malcom Shirley, OBJ
OF Tyler Bono, Watson