2022 CPBL All-Star Showcase Rosters Announced

The 2022 CPBL All-Star Showcase rosters are official. This year’s All-Star weekend will feature both a CPBL Prospects Game and a CPBL Futures Game in which the up-in-coming talent in the league will participate. The depth of talent in the CPBL will be on full display as players from various age groups will take part, and each organization will be represented over the three-day event. 

The All-Star Showcase will take place from July 30th to August 1st and is a wood bat tournament. The Prospects Game will be played on the 30th, with a Perfect Game position player showcase/rain day on the 31st, concluding with the Futures Game on the 1st. 

Below are the invitees.


C Keaton Cottam, Fieldhouse Pirates 

C Nate King, Toronto Mets

C Connor Gaitens, Great Lake Canadians 

C Cameron Baker, Ontario Blue Jays

P Parker Burgess, Toronto Mets 

P Matthew Sargeant, Ontario Blue Jays

P Jack Pineau, Toronto Mets

P Liam Adamson, Great Lake Canadians

P Zev Salsberg, Ontario Royals

P Matthew Donnison, Great Lake Canadians 

P Evan Schweizer, Great Lake Canadians 

P Owen Slater, Team Ontario Astros

P Mac Robertson, Toronto Mets

P Julian Robertson, Team Ontario Astros

P Matthew Marsh, Team Ontario Astros

P Griffin Howell, Windsor Selects

P Ryan James, Toronto Mets

P Lachlan Harrison, Ontario Blue Jays

P Frank Anthony-Caietta, Team Ontario Astros

P Carter Wall, Fieldhouse Pirates 

P Luca Alagheband, Terriers Baseball

P Jayden Bailey, Ontario Blue Jays

INF Myles Naylor, Ontario Blue Jays

INF Brodie Peart, Toronto Mets

INF/RHP Tyson Kaufman, Great Lake Canadians 

INF Conor Costello, Windsor Selects

INF Parker McLean, Toronto Mets

INF/RHP Alex Kean, Ontario Nationals 

INF Evan Gunn, Team Ontario Astros

INF Seth Brown, Great Lake Canadians 

INF William Moore, Ontario Nationals 

INF Isaiah Scott, Ontario Blue Jays

INF Tristan DesRochers, Team Ontario Astros

INF Hendrik Vandermeer, Great Lake Canadians

INF Griffen Duenkler, Ontario Nationals 

OF/LHP Keegan O’Hearn, Terriers Baseball

OF Matt Evans, Great Lake Canadians

OF Brodey Bitove, Toronto Mets

OF Calvin Warrillow, Toronto Mets

OF Ashton Graff-Rowe, Great Lake Canadians

OF Cameron Chee-Aloy, Terriers Baseball

OF Lucas Alberti, Terriers Baseball

OF Noah Konings, Terriers Baseball

OF Ty Hamilton, Watson Baseball

OF James Kerr, Great Lake Canadians 

UTIL Adam Thuss, Great Lake Canadians



C Brayden Ricketts, Ontario Blue Jays

C Brock Grainger, Toronto Mets

C Benjamin Kautto, Ontario Blue Jays

C Gianluca Montanaro, Toronto Mets

P Alex Uher, Toronto Mets

P Keegan Bazinet, Windsor Selects

P Adam Cameron, Fieldhouse Pirates

P Jason Roach, Toronto Mets

P Ethan Wolf, Great Lake Canadians 

P Aiden Taggart, Fieldhouse Pirates

P Jack Tiessen, Windsor Selects

P Hank Lloyd, Ontario Blue Jays

P Liam Cruickshank, Ontario Blue Jays

P Ben Batstra, Toronto Mets

P Kairon Hernandez, Titans Baseball Club

P Owen McMulkin, Toronto Mets

P Ethan Swaby, Toronto Mets

P Sam McKay, Watson Elite 

P Seth Ainsworth, Great Lake Canadians

P Ryan Press, Toronto Mets

P Russell Kwinter, Terriers Baseball

P Makaio Cisneros, Ontario Blue Jays

P Matthew Brown, Ontario Blue Jays

INF/RHP Tate Carey, Great Lake Canadians

INF Owen Ralph, Fieldhouse Pirates

INF Chris Tassopoulos, Team Ontario Astros 

INF Jamie Mercer, Ontario Royals

INF Nolan Jackson, Ontario Royals

INF Sam Andersen, Terriers Baseball

INF/C Jason Green, Terriers Baseball

INF Ryan McDonagh, Fieldhouse Pirates

INF Jesse Dale, Ontario Blue Jays

INF Brendan Lawson, Ontario Blue Jays

INF Carter Shin, Great Lake Canadians 

INF Adrian Harrison, Windsor Selects

INF Owen Gregg, Fieldhouse Pirates

OF Ryan Stalony, Ontario Blue Jays

OF Jackson Long, Fieldhouse Pirates

OF Josh Davis, Great Lake Canadians

OF Camden Sanders, Great Lake Canadians

OF Trent Black, Terriers Baseball

OF Aidan George, Ontario Nationals

OF Jorge Valdes, Ontario Blue Jays

OF Tiki Braham, Ontario Blue Jays

OF John Hughes, Ontario Blue Jays



P Jacob Malinauskas, Ontario Royals

P Jack Ferguson, Team Ontario Astros

P Carson Tehan, Windsor Selects

P/1B William Hancock, Fieldhouse Pirates

INF Veer Wadhwani, Toronto Mets